Landind - Software für statistische Analyse


Landind is a statistical computer program for calculation of correlation weights.


The results of some multidimensional statistical methods, like Principal Component Analysis or Partial Least Square, can be projected on two-dimensional plane, determined by first two principal components or first two latent components, respectively. The original parameters on such plane (plot) with relatively large weights (>0.3) are assumed to be correlated. To express the strength of bivariate associations, for the pairs of correlated parameters “the correlation weights” can be calculated. They are the algebraic products of corresponding weights of these two given parameters and cosine of the corresponding angle. The corresponding angle means the angle determined by two lines connecting the origin of coordinative system with coordinates of both parameters. The correlation weights for the pairs of parameters can be calculated using our software called Landind.

Our implementation is developed in Java language and uses free Java libraries.

How it works

Landind program can be started in the command shell environment in many operating systems ( Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac ).
Landind processes data delivered in simply formatted files: the probe data are formatted as numbers, separated by separator character.


How it can be used

Landind is developed in Java programming language and therefore it can be used on any operating system !

Prerequisite is installation of the Java runtime environment.



Here can you download runtime version of our program.


1. Install or check if it installed: JRE/JDK - Java runtime environment in version >= 1.5

2. Download the ZIP file containing the software :

3. Extract the contents in your target directory.

4. Run the program by calling in this target directory


landind input_file.csv separator



If you are interested in obtaining the source code and support, please contact us directly.


Landind is a product of a MP System Spzoo company. All rights reserved by MP System Spzoo. MP System grants to all private, commercial or institutional users unlimited usage no-fee licence. Responsibility  for any damages resulting from using this product is excluded.