BIX - Business Workflow Control Executor

What is BIX ?

BIX Worklow Control Executor is an universal application to manage and control the execution of business processes and tasks in a company, in an office and in the production facility.

Modern corporation, office and production facility requires that the processes and all tasks are more or less precisely defined and their execution perfectly managed. Customer care, order execution, production process must be well organized and controlled.

Our answer to that challenge is BIX. BIX supports simple and effective task execution automation and control.

How BIX works

BIX supports definition of almost any business process and task structures. The business process in BIX is defined as a structure of steps. Each step can trigger execution of one or many tasks. Organisation employees are registered in BIX as users. Each BIX user can have one or many employee role attached. The tasks are usually assigned to employee roles. Decision tasks support implementation of workflow control. Counter tasks support execution of production of product series. Repetitive steps simplify implementation of repetitive task sequences.

Orders and tasks in BIX cupport transfer of attached informations and data, starting with simple data like numbers, dates, texts, and managing documents like office documents ( Word, Excel, etc. ), images, scans ( JPG, PNG, ... ) and text descriptions.

Technical requirements and architecture

BIX in principle is an personal computer application. BIX is developed as an client/server application: the user application runs on any personal computer with Windows or Linux operating system. The BIX server can be deployed on a Windows or Linux based server computer. BIX server uses Postgres, Oracle or other database as storage engine.

There are many BIX client user applications available:

  • full fledged BIX client user application in JAVA - automatically downloadable, installable and updateable from network
  • BIX Web application to be used in popular Web browsers
  • mobile BIX application running on popular mobile phones

How BIX can be purchased and deployed

BIX can be purchased and deployed in different options:

  • full product license purchase, deployment in internal local network or via internet
  • purchase of BIX service, BIX running on our servers

What BIX isn't, what BIX ain't doing

BIX is not a:

  • ERP system
  • CRM system
  • accountancy / stock management

Why BIX ?

BIX combines simplicity with flexibility and can manage almost any business process in a company or office. BIX can perform as the main control utility in a company and integrate work of many subsystems. Implementation of BIX based business process automation can enhance efficiency in an organisation and provide foundation for high quality processing and certification of business processes.

More informations

Please find more informations in this PDF presentation which covers the basic functionality of BIX.