Customers can count on us while developing software systems using technologies like
  • client / server architectures: 2-tier / 3-tier / n-tier (both classical as web-based clients)
  • distributed objects architectures based on CORBA/RMI/EJB/WebServices
  • system architectures using application server (we even have built our own one ...)


Development Tools

Our customers count on our ability to use their prefered tools and develop software for their software environments. We pay much attention to that expectations. Among others, we do have experience in use of following development tools

  • Rational Rose
  • eclipse, IBM Visual Age for C++, Visual Age for Java
  • Symantec Visual Cafe
  • Inprise JBuilder
  • ORACLE Designer / Developer 2000
  • Microsoft Development Studio
  • and the more classic ones: vi, emacs, GNU, etc....