Lathe2 Tab Reloader for Firefox


Lathe2 is an extension for the Firefox/Mozilla internet browser. Lathe2 supports automatic reload of selected tab Web contents.


Lathe2 allows selection of opened tabs to be reloaded automatically in predefined periods of time.

Version 1.1 added review panorama, automatically focusing on and displaying reloaded tabs. Lathe2 is in early stage of development and will soon offer new interesting features.

Version 1.2 introduced persistent storing of your settings and automatic start and configuration of Lathe2 and your browser during its start.

Version 1.2.10 provides compatibility with the new Firefox version 12. In window's properties popup menu ( right mouse key click ) you will find access to all funcitonality of Lathe2.

We are working on developing it to become private or local data retrieval and storage platform,  and nothing less...

Please take a regular look at this page to be up-to-date !

Please have a look at the snapshot of the Lathe2 settings panel:


Lathe2 tab reloader settings


Browser supported by Lathe2

Current version of Lathe2 is developed for Firefox/Mozilla internet browser.
A version supporting Microsoft Internet Explorer is in development !


To install Lathe2 ( in Firefox/Mozilla only ! ) click here:



Lathe2 is a product of a MP System Spzoo company. All rights reserved by MP System Spzoo. MP System grants to all private, commercial or institutional users unlimited usage no-fee licence. Responsibility  for any damages resulting from using this product is excluded.