SpeechClock is an application measuring and controlling the time of the speakers presentation.


SpeechClock counts time of speakers presentation. While becoming close to preset limit, the displayed time is getting orange, after reaching the preset limit, the displayed time is getting red.

Please have a look at the snapshot of the SpeechClock look and feel:

SpeechTimer look and feel


Devices supported by SpeechClock

Current versions of SpeechClock are running on PC computers equipped with Windows operating system ( .NET libraries are required ) and on Android mobile devices.


To download and install SpeechClock on your Windows PC click here:


After download unzip the contents and double click on SpeechClock.application file or setup.exe file. During installation prerequisite .NET framework files can be downloaded and installed on your computer.

To download and install the SpeechClock for Android devices click here:



SpeechClockis a product of a MP System Spzoo company. All rights reserved by MP System Spzoo. MP System grants to all private, commercial or institutional users unlimited usage no-fee licence. Responsibility  for any damages resulting from using this product is excluded.