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What can you do with AlarmCase (Download this as PDF)

Ever wanted to monitor a room just to see what's going on when you aren’t there? Or wanted to have a way to check up on your house when you're away? Or just wanted to give the kids a fun game to play?

Presenting: AlarmCase!

After start AlarmCase presents the main application panel allowing access to all functions.


AlarmCase main panel

To manage AlarmCase you may use your phone's keyboard and navigation keys, or the touch screen.  On some phone models you may use alternatively use the digit keys to navigate ( 2->up, 6->right, 8->down, 4->left, 5->OK ).


Adding new Monitored Objects

AlarmCase tree panel

To add new Monitored Objects to AlarmCase, select the Items tree panel. This panel lets you navigate through your items structure, add, change and delete your items.

By applying the navigation keys of your phone, you navigate through the tree and select items. To view any selected item in the tree, select View option from the menu.

To add new sibling item to selected item, select New sibling option from the menu.

To add new child ( subordinated ) item to selected item, select New child option from the menu.

After selecting New sibling or New child you may view the list of predefined item patterns. You may select one by using navigation keys ( arrow up and down ). After having selected one item pattern you view its structure by selecting View option from the menu, or use to create new item by selecting Select menu option. Than you can enter your data in record fields and save new entry by selecting Save. Thereafter you will see your new record. You may either return to the tree panel by selecting Back or change the new item once again by selecting Edit.

The tree panel menu options Move up and Move down let you reorganize items in the tree.

To add new Monitored Objects, select the Items tree panel. In this panel you can navigate through your items' structure, add, change and delete your items. When creating a new Monitored Object you can set parameters, such as the sensitivity or the interval between pictures. You can also assign a note to your object. When everything is set up pick the Save option from the menu.

To start monitoring, simply select your created Monitored Object and press the Activate Monitored Object button in the menu.

AlarmCase main panel

From this moment AlarmCase will take pictures with the specified interval and save alarms if any disturbances are detected.

To deactivate a monitored object, simply press the "Back" button on your phone.

Viewing alarms

Each alarm is saved with a picture, date and time of triggering. You can view the pictures by selecting "View" from the menu.

Additionally, if you enabled the specific settings responsible for notifications, you will be able to view your alarms as e-mails with the picture being added as the attachment, or you will have your alarms uploaded to your server. You can read more on this topic in the Setting up notifications chapter in this document.

Searching records

To find specific item located anywhere in your archive, select the Search panel, enter your item's name and contents, specify additional search parameters and let the program find the items.

Please consider setting additional search parameters:

-ignore case: while matching, should the character's case be ignored?

-text search mode: whether you are looking for whole words or your searched text is a part ( contains ) of a target text attribute or the attribute itself

-fields match: should all the entered fields match ( all ), or match of any of the field's selects the searched item

Note's lists: Favorites, Recently used and Important

Favorites and Recently used lists support convenient and straight access to most interesting and valuable entries of your archive.

You can individually select your items to be enlisted in Favorites list, the program automatically records your item views and manages the Recently used list.

The Folder items are the only items which are not managed by both the Favorites and Recently used lists.


In day-to-day usage AlarmCase requires no maintenance or adjustment. However, there are several parameters which the user may change.

To change the program's setting and options go to the Settings panel. Here you can see your device's configuration parameters and specify some of the program's options:

-language -> selects the program's language and set of predefined item templates

-installation date -> displays date of AlarmCase installation

To edit those parameters, enter Edit mode.

To see more device settings, select Device settings.

The last option in this menu is Delete archive option. This option lets you delete all your AlarmCase data. Before your archive will be deleted, you are asked to confirm the delete.

Setting up notifications

AlarmCase lets you receive notifications of triggered alarms wherever you are. To use this feature, go to the Settings panel and select Edit from the menu. From there you can set up:

- SMS notifications - select "Pick a number" from the menu to select a number from your contacts, or type it in manually.

- Web upload - input the address of the server, where you want your alarms to be uploaded.

- E-mail notification - input the data as you would in an e-mail client. Using SSL is recommended.

From here on out you will be notified according to the selected options.


News, new versions, update

We advise you to look regularly at our pages at

to obtain news and information about updates.

While updating AlarmCase please select the option to preserve your current data, otherwise it will be deleted by your device installation program!


Product's general information

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General disclaimer

MP System LLC ( ) is an independent software manufacturer and commits to high quality and security of AlarmCase product. We are constantly working on improving the product and providing the best possible service to our customers.

However, there can be no general guarantee offered concerning the absolute security of your data and the product.

Please also consult the license agreement of our product.