FileCase - your versatile mobile file manager

Why would you need FileCase ?

Audio files, video files, office files, pictures, other files... A chaos known on the PC has conquered the smartphones and other mobile devices. Those "contents" must be exchanged and shared among different devices, backups are needed too, because... every time you need one special file, it's simply just isn't there...

Our answer to this problem is FileCase.


How FileCase helps out

FileCase manages in a convenient way all your device's files and media contents. It helps share your content with other users, by employing Domain sharing, which lets you compress the files of your chosing from your device, and easily deploy them to another device. You can also protect that extra valuable data, by setting a password and encrypting it.

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FileCase runs on all mobile devices equipped with Android 2.1+.



More information
Look at  FileCase Online Handbook to learn more.
You can also download this FileCase Handbook in PDF format.

Demo version
Use FileCase demo version to test it 30 days long after installation.

The demo versions are available here:

FileCase Basic Android Demo: FileCase Android

Before starting installation, read the Online FileCase Installation Guide.

You can also download here the FileCase Installation Guide in PDF format.

The demo versions are fully functioning during the 30 days test period. After your test is finished, you can purchase the full commercial version and use further on your private data.

Where to buy

First of all - download and test the demo version of the application. It is available here on our website and can be fully tested for 30 days after installation.

Later you can purchase the full license by transfering to our account ( bank account or PayPal account ) the license price. Then you must send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with the name of your selected application, device id ( to be read in the Settings/Device Settings panel ) and some identification of your payment ( name or reference number ). After having received payment confirmation we respond to your email with the license activation code, which you must enter in the License Activation panel.

Details -> see at this page.

The full commercial versions of FileCase are also available from many resellers and their webshops. We are currently preparing our own webshops in different countries.

Licence conditions ( extract )

General conditions
FileCase is a product of MP System LLC. All rights reserved.

Test licence
MP System LLC grants to all private and commercial users timely limited ( test period of 100 days after installation date ) right to use FileCase application without any fee. After the test period has elapsed FileCase may delete all data managed by itself. MP System denies any responsibility for any damages resulting from usage of FileCase application. Further use of FileCase is possible after purchase of commercial version of FileCase.

Single device licence
MP System grants to the purchaser the right for installation and unlimited usage of FileCase application on single device ( mobile phone or other mobile device or personal computer ). This single installation may be used by multiple users. This single location license forbids usage of FileCase on a server device or in a network environment, allowing its usage through computer network or internet.