MemoCase - mobile storage for your notes, ideas, memos


Our applications SafeCase and MemoCase ( both mobile Android and PC Windows and Linux versions ) introduce the support for the "private cloud". You can use your own private server reachable via internet or your local network for storing your valuable private data - securely, without getting involved in discussions about data security on cloud servers provided by major companies. We use secure SCP ( Secure Copy Protocol ) protocol for communication between your device or PC and your server. You can setup your own private authentification keys for secure peer-to-peer authentification. Read more on SafeCase cloud and MemoCase cloud.


Why would you need MemoCase ?
Ideas, notes, memos, tips - today's life is full of them. The old technique of writing them all on small pieces of paper has many disadvanges: you must carry them all, finding the proper one is always in issue, etc. etc.
There are many small software utilities handling notes, but all of them are limited and do not let handle properly hundreds of current and historic notes and memos.
There must be some way of organizing them, and functions to have fast and easy access to the most required.

Our answer to these requirements is MemoCase !

How MemoCase helps out
MemoCase manages in a convenient way your personal notes, ideas, memos on your mobile phone or a computer.

MemoCase welcome ! MemoCase main panel MemoCase tree MemoCase item MemoCase search panel MemoCase settings

Your notes and memos may be organized in a tree structure.
MemoCase provides fast and powerful search tool and lists of recently used, favorites and most important notes so, that your can easily and fast access your required note.
MemoCase runs on all mobile devices equipped with Android, Java / J2ME / MIDP1.0, Blackberry OS. PC versions of MemoCase run on Windows, Linux.

Devices supported by MemoCase
MemoCase exists not only in the version for mobile phones and other mobile devices, there is also MemoCase version for your computer.
More advanced version MemoCase Plus supports additionally backup and recovery of your data archives and also allows exchange of data with the other installations of MemoCase.
The PC version of MemoCase runs on all major operating systems: Windows, Linux, Mac.

More informations
Look at  MemoCase Online Handbook to learn more.
You can also download this MemoCase Handbook in PDF format.

Demo version
Use MemoCase demo version to test it 100 days long after installation.

The demo versions are available here:

MemoCase Basic Android Demo: MemoCase Android

MemoCase Plus Android Demo: MemoCase Plus Android

MemoCase Basic J2ME Demo: MemoCase JAR and MemoCase JAD MemoCase Plus J2ME Demo: MemoCase Plus JAR and MemoCase Plus JAD

To install MemoCase directly on your mobile phone, type this link in the mobile's application manager:


Before starting installation, read the Online MemoCase Installation Guide.

You can also download here the MemoCase Installation Guide in PDF format.

The demo versions are fully functioning during the 100 days test period. After your test is finished, you can purchase the full commercial version and use further on your private data.


Our application is also listed on numerous Web sites and portals like:

Free download SafeCase MemoCase on Typhoon


Where to buy

First of all - download and test the demo version of the application. It is available here on our website and can be fully tested for 100 days after installation.

Later you can purchase the full license by transfering to our account ( bank account or PayPal account ) the license price. Then you must send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with the name of your selected application, device id ( to be read in the Settings/Device Settings panel ) and some identification of your payment ( name or reference number ). After having received payment confirmation we respond to your email with the license activation code, which you must enter in the License Activation panel.

Details -> see at this page.

The full commercial versions of MemoCase are also available from many resellers and their webshops. We are currently preparing our own webshops in different countries.

Licence conditions ( extract )

General conditions
MemoCase is a product of MP System LLC. All rights reserved.

Test licence
MP System LLC grants to all private and commercial users timely limited ( test period of 100 days after installation date ) right to use MemoCase application without any fee. After the test period has elapsed MemoCase may delete all data managed by itself. MP System denies any responsibility for any damages resulting from usage of MemoCase application. Further use of MemoCase is possible after purchase of commercial version of MemoCase.

Single device licence
MP System grants to the purchaser the right for installation and unlimited usage of MemoCase application on single device ( mobile phone or other mobile device or personal computer ). This single installation may be used by multiple users. This single location license forbids usage of MemoCase on a server device or in a network environment, allowing its usage through computer network or internet.