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MemoCase is an application for mobile phones and other mobile devices managing your notes, memos, ideas, etc.

MemoCase is developed in programming language Java and runs in J2ME framework.

MemoCase installation pack consists of 2 files:

  • JAR file ( MemoCase .jar ) - containing the application installation itself
  • JAD ( MemoCase.jad ) - containing the product description and digital signature<
MemoCase installation procedure is similar to other Java/J2ME programs installation procedures.

Installation of MemoCase from personal computer

After having received the installation files of MemoCase, the application can be installed from personal computer by using:

  • USB cable connection
  • Bluetooth wireless connection
  • infrared wireless connection

To begin the installation please start on your PC your mobile phone access program ( in most cases a version of PC Suite program ) and connect in any possible way your mobile phone to the PC.

Then select from the main panel of your mobile phone access application ( PC Suite ) the applications installations utility ( Install applications ).

The application installation utility allows you to find and select the MemoCase installation files on your computer ( JAR file ). Please start the installation of MemoCase by clicking on the arrow button.

After having started the installation procedure your mobile phone takes control of further steps. The user may respond on the mobile phone keyboard to its requests.

MemoCase is digitally signed by using digital certificate of MP System LLC ( Sp. z o.o. ) to let the user and its mobile phone unambiguously identify the application's code. In some older mobile phone models the proper root certificate required to verify the signature may be missing. In such case we advise to switch on the option of online certificate verification, which uses online internet connection to verify the digital signature.

Some mobile phone models are delivered without attached PC access or service utility. In such case you may connect your mobile phone to your computer in file retrieving mode, and simply copy the MemoCase installation files from your computer to your mobile phone's storage. Then the application installation utility on your mobile phone starts automatically or you may start the installation by selecting and "opening" the MemoCase JAR file on your mobile phone.

During installation procedure the mobile phone asks, where to install the installed application: either in the phone's memory or on a memory card ( if memory card is attached to your mobile phone ).

Please select the phone's internal memory for MemoCase to install. Otherwise MemoCase might be not available after reset of your mobile phone.

MemoCase installation requires appx. 0,5 MB of phone's memory capacity. MemoCase stores text data very effectively and therefore requires small memory area for it. However, if you are storing with MemoCase many images the memory requirements may rise very quickly.

The installation procedure consists usually of following steps:

Install MemoCase ? -> YES

Security warning ... untrusted -> CONTINUE

Details .... -> CONTINUE


Installation complete !

Installating MemoCase on your mobile phone via direct internet connection

Program MemoCase can be installed directly on your mobile phone via the internet connection.


1. Before direct internet installation of MemoCase on your mobile phone is possible, please make sure that your mobile phone has internet access, which might be an option controlled by your mobile service provider.

2. This internet data access may cause additional data transmission costs.

Ask your mobile service provider for conditions and details regarding this service.

During installation of the MemoCase program data volume of appx. 600 kB is transmitted.

To perform internet-to-mobile installation please follow this procedure:

1. Start on your mobile the internet access service.

2. Start the internet browser application on your mobile.

3. Go to following webpage

On this page make choice of your MemoCase version and select the JAD installation file link, like

MemoCase JAD


MemoCase Plus JAD

To start installation, click on the selected JAD file link.

4. Your mobile phone will start the installation procedure and display information about the program to be installed. This information contains also the digital signature of the program MemoCase as issued by the MP System and verified by the appropriate certification authority.

After having checked all that data and signatures please continue the installation by selecting the Install option from the menu.

5. Than your mobile downloads the MemoCase program file, which may take a while.

6. After download is finished your mobile phone asks, whether and where to install the downloaded program. We strongly advise you to select internal mobile memory for installation of MemoCase and not the memory cards attached to your mobile.

7. After the installation is successfully finished, it might be found in

Menu / Tools / Applications or Installations


If during the installation procedure your mobile phone reports errors, please try the whole installation procedure once again. If the errors happen once again, delete the so far installed MemoCase files and/or contact our support.

Setting permissions

MemoCase application is developed in Java programming language for the J2ME framwork and therefore it fully takes advantage of its built-in security, restricting in-memory access to its data for other applications. Additionally, the Java/J2ME framework on mobile phones increases security by deploying strict access control to phone's resources for all installed applications. Each time that an application requests access to phone's resources like connectivity, subdevices, memory etc. obtains it only if the phone's user explicitely permits it.

The user's permission may be granted for single access to resource, or may be granted for permanent access. Users permission can be revoked by him anytime.

MemoCase Plus requires for smooth work some permissions:

  • access to phone's local files ( read and edit permissions )

MemoCase Plus can create its data archive backups as files and read the image files, it also can restore the data archive from files

Those permissions can be granted by the Application Manager phone's utility. Please find and select MemoCase in the list of installed applications and open it. Then please set for Multimedia, Read local data and Edit local data either the option Always allowed or Ask first time.

Starting MemoCase

After having installed and configured MemoCase you may find it in the panel Applications or Installations on your mobile phone.

To start MemoCase please select it from the list and press Ok key ( or select Options / Open menu option ).

While started first time, MemoCase may ask you to define and confirm your access password. Please remember this password for later use !

Installation of new versions and updates of MemoCase

Please proceed the same way while installing new versions and updates of MemoCase.

While installing new versions or updates of MemoCase, please remember to select the option of preserving hitherto application data, otherwise your MemoCase data archive will be deleted by the application installation utitily of your mobile phone.

News, new versions, updates

We advise you to visit regularly our pages at

to obtain news and information about updates.

While updating MemoCase please select the option to preserve your current data, otherwise it will be deleted by your device installation program !

Product's general information

MemoCase is a product of MP System LLC ( ). All rights reserved.

General disclaimer

MP System LLC ( ) is independent software manufacturer and commits to high quality and security of MemoCase product. We are instantly working on improving the product and providing as good as possible service to our customers.

However, there can be no general guarantee offered concerning the absolute security of your data and the product.

Please consult also the license agreement of our product.