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SafeCase: installation on BlackBerry mobile phone

SafeCase is an application for mobile phones and personal computers managing in a secure way secret and private informations like credit and bank card data, bank account data, passwords, PINs, transaction codes, web and email account access data etc.

SafeCase is developed in programming language Java.

SafeCase installation pack for BlackBerry mobile phone  consists of 1 installation file:

SafeCase installation procedure is similar to installation of other BlackBerry Java applications.

Installation procedure of SafeCase for BlackBerry

First of all please download the installation file This file is quite small ( ca. 650 kB ) and its download takes not much time, even on an average Internet connection.


After download, please extract all files contained in the file into one folder of your computer.


Than connect your BlackBerry phone to your computer and start BlackBerry Desktop Manager program. In BlackBerry Desktop Manager program select Application Loader and select option Add Remove Applications. In the Add Remove Application select the folder containing extracted installation files and look for ALX file describing the SafeCase application. Mark the SafeCase application to be installed and start the installation procedure.


After successfull installation your will find the SafeCase icon in the Downloads section on your mobile phone.

To start SafeCase click on the SafeCase icon.


While starting first time, SafeCase may ask you to define and confirm your access login name and your password. Please remember this password for later use !

Installation of new versions and updates of SafeCase

The installed SafeCase contains code taking care of checking for new updates. If you allow this mechanism, SafeCase will look each 14 days for new updates. If a new version update is available, you are asked to decide, whether the new update should be installed.

News, new versions, updates

We advise you to visit regularly our pages at

to obtain news and information about updates.

While updating SafeCase please select the option to preserve your current data, otherwise it will be deleted by your device installation program !

Product's general information

SafeCase is a product of MP System LLC ( ). All rights reserved.

General disclaimer

MP System LLC ( ) is independent software manufacturer and commits to high quality and security of SafeCase product. We are instantly working on improving the product and providing as good as possible service to our customers.

However, there can be no general guarantee offered concerning the absolute security of your data and the product.