SafeCase Cloud

SafeCase added support for the cloud. Your data can be stored and exchanged via cloud. MemoCase supports both cloud as offered by the public cloud servers provided by major cloud suppliers and a new technique called private cloud, where SafeCase data are stored on a private server of the user. In both cases the data communication between device or computer and the cloud server is secure. The data managed by SafeCase are always encrypted and therefore safe.

In current release SafeCase supports DropBox clouds and private cloud via SCP communication. Support for Google and Amazon clouds will come in next releases.

In order to setup the cloud access open Settings panel and specify following parameters:

cloud active - switches on and off the cloud

Cloud connector - select your cloud connection and supplier ( eg. DropBox or SCP for private cloud )

Cloud login - login of your cloud account

Cloud authorization - usually a password required during cloud access


Additional parameters are required for private cloud via SCP communication only:


Cloud host - URL address of your host. If your SCP communication uses specific IP port, add it at the end of your host address separated by colon ( : ). Eg. myserver.mydomain.myext:111

Cloud directory - subdirectory used on your server for SafeCase data

Private key file - location of the private key file used for server authentification. Please upload this file to your device first.


During first run, usually the cloud connection requires linking or confirmation of the server authentification. SafeCase will display a message with the appropriate information and will ask the user to confirm the link.


After cloud is activated, SafeCase will upload data to the cloud simultaneously while storing data locally on the device or the computer. Next time SafeCase is started it tries to download the data from the cloud first and merges the data from the cloud with locally stored data. See the chapter covering the data synchronization and exchange for more details.