SafeCase security

How secure is SafeCase ?

There is no absolutely 100% data security in the world. But, security provided by SafeCase exceeds any offered by the competitive applications.

Why ? How ?

SafeCase's security relies on many elements:

- usage of advanced highly secure encryption algorithm ( Blowfish 448 bits key )

- password mangling

- automatic lock after inactivity period

- limited number of login tries ( exceeding this limit causes automatic delete of your data )

SafeCase applies well known but so far not cracked encryption algorithm Blowfish ( 448 bits key ).

Your data are encrypted by applying a login password defined by you. This password is not stored in any way, and it should be of appropriate length - 5-6 characters providing enough security.

Why Blowfish ? Because:

- it is so far not broken by hackers and therefore it offers high level of security

- it is not "accepted" by neither state nor international agency ( like AES )

But Blowfish alone does not provide enough security. The other important technique provided by SafeCase is "password mangling".

Why secure algorithm like Blowfish is not enough and why "password mangling" is necessary ?

Because using your password in a straight way would provide for the hacker unique opportunity to start "brute force attack" on your data by simply trying to use all possible combinations of 4-5 characters long passwords, while decrypting data. Well, in fact, this procedure will not cost much either time or processing power of modern personal computer, and could lead in a matter of minutes to loss of your privacy and could possibly cause further losses.

This is where password mangling comes in place. Password mangling is a technique of processing your password to a quite long and hardly predictable form. This processed password is used then for encryption of your data. Brute force attacks of mangled passwords would take extraordinarly more time and processing power - in case of 4-6 character long source password full scale attack would take few weeks if no months of real time, allowing to react by changing passwords, logins, pins etc. and making your assets sure.

In the future versions of SafeCase we will introduce additional features improving furthermore the SafeCase security.