New free product: SpeechClock
MP System has released new free product SpeechClock. SpeechClock counts the time of your presentation or speech and indicates surpassing the preset limit. To be used directly on the presentation PC or Android phone. See more here !
Our apps support "private cloud"
Our applications SafeCase and MemoCase ( both mobile Android and PC Windows and Linux versions ) introduce the support for the "private cloud". You can use your own private server reachable via internet or your local network for storing your valuable private data - securely, without getting involved in discussions about data security on cloud servers provided by major companies. We use secure SCP ( Secure Copy Protocol ) protocol for communication between your device or PC and your server. You can setup your own private authentification keys for secure peer-to-peer authentification. Read more on SafeCase cloud and MemoCase cloud.
Our apps go into cloud

Out apps ( beginning with PC versions of SafeCase and MemoCase and DropBox ) go into cloud. You can specify your cloud account and your data are stored in the cloud and can be exchanged among your devices. We have started with the most popular free cloud solution from DropBox, Google and Amazon will soon follow. The first applications supporting cloud are PC based ( both Windows and Linux ) versions of our apps. The Android versions will follow soon.


Latest Products

SafeCase is a mobile application managing in a secure way private sensible data like credit card numbers, bank account data, PIN numers, passwords etc on mobile phone and/or on PC. It applies advanced cryptography to make user's data safe and provides an user friendly interface. Major mobile phone manufacturers have already accepted SafeCase and offer it on their online app stores.

MemoCase is a mobile application managing notes, memos, purchase lists, etc. MemoCase combines user friendly interface and advanced data management. Major mobile phone manufacturers have already accepted MemoCase and offer it on their online app stores.

About MP System

MP System Sp. z o.o. (LLC) is a private enterprise providing software consulting services and software products.

Our special area of interest are internet/intranet systems for small and world class companies. We focus in innovative solutions based on newest technology developments. We cooperate with technology leaders from U.S. in areas like JAVA, C#/.NET and provide solutions to market leaders in areas like banking, finance and touristic travel business.

Our basic principle is to be absolutely at the technology edge and provide effective up-to-date tools and technologies. In cohesion to that, we apply well optimized engineering methods and methodologies The customers are mostly the multi-billion dollar companies from Europe and elsewhere.

The company is located in Poland, the leading East European economy. The company employees the selected freelance and regular employees eager to success.

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