SafeCase - privacy protector
That is why in todays daily life we are using 10 to 100 codes, passwords and other magic codes, which simply exceeds the capacity of almost every human being, except those very few among us, which may call themselves genius. Anyway, even they prefer to use their brains for other more productive purposes than just remembering numbers.
And the future will for sure multiply the trouble with even more and more codes, numbers, pins...

But, fortunately, where the technology brings new challenges, it should also provide solutions to manage them. In that case, a safe, smart piece of software managing in secure and user friendly way all that security stuff on any device you can have at your reach would help out. And the devices mostly at reach are the mobile phone or personal computer, isn't that true ?

Our answer to that challenge is SafeCase: a piece of software running on mobile phone or personal computer, making in secure way the management of all that codes to piece of cake for everyone.

How SafeCase helps out
SafeCase manages in a secure way your sensitive personal data like credit card numbers, PINs, TANs, bank account access data, web site logins, passwords, transactions codes, and other sensitive information. The data managed by SafeCase are encrypted by advanced encryption algorithms, which makes cracking them extremely hard. SafeCase is implemented in Java programming language and on mobile devices runs in J2ME/MIDP1.0 environment.

More informations
Look at  SafeCase Online Handbook to learn more.
You can also download this SafeCase Handbook in PDF format.

Demo versions
Use SafeCase demo version to test it 100 days long after installation.

The demo versions are available here:
SafeCase Basic Version Demo: SafeCase JAR and SafeCase JAD
SafeCase Plus Version Demo: SafeCase Plus JAR and SafeCase Plus JAD

Before starting installation, read the Online SafeCase Installation Guide.
The demo versions are fully functioning during the 100 days test period. After your test is finished, you can purchase the full commercial version and use further on your private data.

Where to buy
The full commercial versions of SafeCase are available from many resellers and their webshops. We are currently preparing our own webshops in different countries.

Here you have some of the addresses:

Licence conditions ( extract )

General conditions
SafeCase is a product of MP System LLC. All rights reserved.

Test licence
MP System LLC grants to all private and commercial users timely limited ( test period of 100 days after installation date ) right to use SafeCase application without any fee. After the test period has elapsed SafeCase may delete all managed by itself. MP System denies any responsibility for any damages resulting from usage of SafeCase application.

Further use of SafeCase is possible after purchase of commercial version of SafeCase.

Single location licence
MP System grants to the purchaser the right for installation and unlimited usage of SafeCase application on single device ( mobile phone or other mobile device or personal computer ). This single installation may be used by multiple users. This single location license forbids usage of SafeCase on a server device or in a network environment, allowing its usage through computer network or internet.